someone is so done with osh

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잠꼬대(Sleep Talking) Spoiler: JR

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Favorite CLAMP Pairings // Touya x Yukito

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anime otps: Touya Kinomoto x Yukio Tsukishiro

"I don’t want you to disappear, Yuki.. It doesn’t matter who you are, I just want you to be always at my side, giving me that happy smile… That’s enough for me."   - Touya  

"You realize this because you have someone you like the most as well, Yukito-san?  Is it my brother?"  "…Yes." - Yukito  

The Soul Pair of CLAMP’s works’ universes.  

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luhan playing basketball (and kicking ass)


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top ten favorite baekris/krisbaek moments

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joonmyun’s flexibility; when the others screamed because of pain, he screamed because kris was tickling his foot

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do krisbaek!! ;)


With pleasure omg<3

Who cooks: Kris does, Baek uses his aegyo skills to charm his giant softie boyfriend.
Who does the laundry and other chores: Baek usually does most of the laundry and most of the house work because Kris is very lazy and usually likes to sleep on his free time. However from time to time Kris does some of the work to gain brownie points if he really wants something. 
How many children do they have: None. 
Who’s more dominate: It may look like Kris is more dominant because of his strong demeanor but Baekhyun always gets his way. 
Favorite nonsexual activity: Kris likes to draw Baek but always ends up getting turned on and they end up doing a different activity altogether keke They like to go around different places to shop for clothes and get fashion ideas.
Their favorite place to be together: Han River, to watch the sunset and see the rainbow fountain at night.
Any traditions: 
They spend their Friday nights together snuggled up on the couch watching movies (which usually ends up as Disney films because of Baekhyun) 
Their “song”: Baby I Love U- Che’nelle
What they do for each other on holidays:
They stay in bed cuddling together and Baekhyun often gives Kris massages.
Where did they go for their honeymoon: Greece
Where did they first meet: They met in Disneyland in LA, when Baekhyun got lost from his friends and barely being able to form a proper english sentence just looked so lost and confused.  Kris who happen to pass by saw Baekhyun who was so lost and offered a hand.
Any pets: They have a cute Pomeranian dog named ’Giggles’ which Baek treasures very much. Which is why Kris gets jealous over a few times.
What do they fight over: They fight over little things like what color of pillow they’re suppose to get or the constant nagging from kris to put skincare products on. 
Do they go on vacations, if so where: Kris and Baekhyun both likes to go to somewhere relaxing so they end up going to Hawaii.

Sorry it took so long but here you go love~

the real man’s aegyo

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taemin/jongin; dancer au
jongin is the premier danseur of an elite ballet company; taemin is part of an underground hip-hop dance crew. 
nobody thinks they’ll work out.


 louis vuitton tadao tote bag - $2695
image credit: Baby Bell

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